4-Week Weight Loss Exercise Plan

4-Week Weight Loss Exercise Plan
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We’ve all been there. You’ve been eating, drinking, exercising regularly – there is no way your would have increased. But once you saw the figures, you recoil in barely hidden horror – what on earth happened when I wasn’t looking? 

Shedding a few extra pounds is easier said than done. It is a combination of choosing the food with a certain amount of nutrition content and doing the suitable exercises and workouts. To save your time, we have prepared a simple, 4-week for you to follow. With little to no equipment required, you have the utmost flexibility of choosing the location to workout. It is also definitely possible for the entire plan to be completed at home.

To put it simply, this exercise plan is a combination of cardio, pilates and full body workouts. We would begin with a short, 10 minutes cardio and upper body exercise on Monday, and finish with a 37 minutes cardio and lower body exercise on Sunday, with a break on Saturday. Repeat for a month – and you’ll be surprised at how easy the seemingly daunting task of losing weight was!

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