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The Secret to Resolving Conflicts? Focus on the Problem, Not the Person

In business, in college, in a sport team… In whatever context conflict is always inevitable, especially when you are in the leader role. This role equals “make decisions for the best of majority” and the remaining are not amused. #Conflicts arise. Conflicts arise when we want to push for a better quality work but some members want to take a break from work. Conflicts arise when we as citizens want more recreational facilities but the Government has to balance the needs to maintain tourism growth. Conflicts are literally everywhere. Avoiding…

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This WAC Communication Model Can Help You Resolve Conflicts Instantly

Conflict doesn’t care if you are a vocal person or one who values harmony, it will come to you almost every single day — at home, at work, on the streets, even online. For people we know, it’s easier to communicate and resolve the conflict; but for strangers, we usually shut our mouths and let our anger pile up inside. But what should we do when someone keeps bugging us? There are usually two routes we take: either avoid direct confrontation or confront violently. The longer we remain in the…

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4 Personality Traits that Create Conflicts in The Workplace

No matter how careful you are, difficult situations in the #workplace are going to happen. They are unavoidable. Unlike your friends, you can’t choose who you work with. Unlike your family, you won’t have the same experiences or share similar values with your co-workers. People from all different backgrounds are being asked to work together. There will be differences and there will be #conflicts from time to time. For many of us, we will spend more time with our coworkers than anyone else. That’s 8+ hours per day, 5 days a…

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