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Put Down Your Sugary Fizzy Drinks And Get Seltzer Water Instead!

#Seltzer #Water. You either love it or you hate it. But is it actually good for you? After all, it is water. It just happens to be #fizzy. This is the result of carbonation, or the process of pressurizing carbon dioxide gas. It turns out, Seltzer Water does have its pros, but it also has cons; some fizzy water contains carbonic acid (this is what creates the bubbles) that has been rumored to eat away your tooth enamel. But do not misunderstand: if you are choosing between Seltzer and Soda,…

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You Have To Try These Fat Burning Food And Drinks To Make Your Workout Plan More Effective

Love it or hate it, but we are living in a world that is extremely health conscious. I think this health consciousness is a good thing. Book stores #these days are full of guides to eating healthy, there are countless websites and blogs with weight loss advice and dieting tips, there is so much information, that weirdly it can be hard to find the simple info, of what burns fat, and what does not. Perhaps you already exercise well, but due to pressures at home or at work, you find…

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10+ Christmas Drinks Ideas For Your Guests

When your #guests arrive over the holiday season, putting #drinks in hands shortly after they walk through the front door is a reliable way to make sure they have a good time while you’re hosting. Whether it’s traditional eggnog, mulled wine or hot chocolate, you might already have some #ideas of what people will be drinking at your festive gatherings, but instead of relying on the old favorites, why not try something a bit different? Here are 12 #Christmas drinks that are guaranteed to blow your guests away and have…

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