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Is Pho Healthy or Not? Will I Gain Weight If I Have It Often?

A warm bowl of pho soup is everyone’s favorite these days. Made with a blend of broth, meat, rice noodles, and topped with vegetables, pho has it all from a nutritional standpoint. But there’s also talk about pho being unhealthy due to its high sodium content and that it was even fattening. Whether pho is good or bad for you depends on the specific recipe, your choice of condiments, and portion size. Many of us tend to go overboard with our portion sizes when given a variety of options of meat,…

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Useful Time Management Tools And Tips To Gain More Time

Have you ever had the feeling that #time runs out so fast and you can’t finish everything on time? Or sometimes you have a super long to-do list and you have no idea where to start with? You’re not alone. Fortunately there are a lot of time #management #tools that can help. And we’ve also prepared some practical time management #tips plus some common mistakes people make. Time management tools Toggl: Keep track of your time Forget about the traditional timesheet. Toggl is the best tool for you to keep…

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Creativity Isn't A Talent. You Can Actually Gain It By Doing These 3 Things Daily

Do you aspire to live a creative life but are not sure where to begin? It’s a common problem. We look at famous actors, authors and musicians and think: how lucky they are to be creative, passionate – and hugely successful! Just remember though that many of these successful, creative people were just like you once. They had dreams. They had goals. But they also struggled with confidence issues and creative blocks. If you’re willing to commit to reaching your creative pinnacle, then read on. 1. Combine ideas to lift…

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