I Played A Game About Animals And Connected Deeply With Someone In Less Than 5 Minutes

I want to share a game with you. This game will reveal something surprising. It’s something nice for ice-breaking with some newly-met friends, and a great way to reconnect with your long known friends. To make the game works, promise me, don’t scroll over all the text to get to the results. Deal? Are you ready? The Game I want you to think of three animals right now. The first three animals that come to your mind, what are they? These animals can be any kind. Just one condition, make sure you…

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Why Giving Up Playing Music When You've Grown Up Is Bad For Your Brain

Do you know that every year, almost 100% of public school students in America begin an instrument if a school music program exists in their school? Yet over 50% of students simply quit a few years later.[1] Even though parents encourage their children to take up a musical instrument, they never really treat music as important as other subjects. The benefits of learning maths and languages have always been greater than music in parents’ eyes, or even in children’s eyes as they grow up. So grown-ups just quit playing music. An even…

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