To Let Go Of A Past Relationship, You Need To Go Through These 5 Stages

Breaking up with someone you love so much is always hard. How many sleepless nights have you been #through since the day you said goodbye? How many painful days have you been through since the day you fell apart? How long have you been trapped in the #past and unable to move on? You want to forget. And you want to forgive. But it you just can’t. You thought you had forgotten the best memories of the past. But whenever you walk past the place where you two first met,…

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41 Sites That Pay You to Refer Friends (Earn up to $13,000!)

Imagine, getting paid every time a friend buys/uses something you recommended on Facebook! It’s actually a reality! It&8217;s known as Paid Referrals. Word of mouth has been one of the best and most reliable ways for companies, big and small, to get new customers. Heck, when I used to make my living as a floor… Continue… The post 41 Sites That Pay You to Refer Friends (Earn up to $13,000!) appeared first on

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Truth or Myth: Is Yawning Really Contagious And Why?

It is 3pm. You’re in the meeting room, trying to listen to the report your colleague is presenting. All of a sudden, you feel an overwhelming urge to yawn. You try your very best to hold it in, but, oops. Unsightly. Then everyone else just started to yawn as well, one after one… We can all relate to this. It’s a myth that we yawn to compete with others to breathe in more oxygen is a myth. So you think you know why this happens: I’m tired and my brain needs…

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