Get Paid to Travel the World: 19 Ways to Make Money While Traveling

Imagine, getting #paid to #travel abroad! Not only you experience new cultures and places while partying and having fun, you also get paid for it. The good news is that’s not so far-fetched. There are many paid travel jobs that allow you to travel for a living – taking photos and selling them to magazines… Continue… The post Get Paid to Travel the World: 19 Ways to Make Money While Traveling appeared first on

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You Won't Believe These Pasta Dishes Are All Under 500 Calories!

#Pasta is one of the most versatile foods in the world. On its own, it is bland and quite tasteless, but #these characteristics also make it the perfect ingredient for adding virtually anything to. It can suit vegetarian, vegan and even gluten free diets. Despite pasta being branded as unhealthy in the past due to its level of carbohydrates, it is actually relatively healthy, with only about 131 #calories per 100 grams. Also, depending on what you eat with your pasta, you can increase the health benefits, for example, a…

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The Best Way to Write a Letter of Recommendation? Let the Person Asking Do It

Whether you’ve been asked to #write a #letter of #recommendation for a student or colleague, or you need a letter of recommendation yourself, deciding exactly what to include can be tricky. Maybe you’re busy, and don’t have much time to spend on the letter. Perhaps you’re not that close to the #person #asking you for the letter – what does she work on again? Fear not. This article will help you to write an amazing letter of recommendation with very little effort. Before you start, first consider letting the person…

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