Free Audio Books: 20 Sites to Download & Listen to Audiobooks for Free

#Audio #books are just awesome! But they also cost money. And if you’re a bookworm, getting audio books for #free that you can #download and #listen to can save you a lot of money. Thankfully, just like #sites that offer free books, there are also places where you can get 100% free audio books. But… Continue… The post Free Audio Books: 20 Sites to Download &038; Listen to Audiobooks for Free appeared first on

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Sorry, But Quiet People Aren't Like What You Think (Quite the Opposite Actually)

Growing up, I was known as the “#quiet, nerdy kid”. I didn’t talk much during meals, at school, or social gatherings. Often, #people thought I was anti-social or lacking presentation skills. Some of my friends even had the first impression that I hated them when we first met. Just because I didn’t talk (and with my RBF), they assumed I didn’t want to befriend them. Or there were times in conversations, I didn’t engage in them and people thought I was silently judging all of them, but in fact, I…

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How to Get Your Great Ideas Heard with Just One Page of Proposal

Do you feel painful when you’re reading a #proposal with hundreds of pages? The same feeling goes for people who write them. People struggle about how to write a good and comprehensive proposal and get their #ideas #heard. But they don’t want to receive a comment saying ‘too long didn’t read’. So it’s time to make good use of executive summary to highlight your ideas as no one will really read through every single word if there’re hundreds of pages. An executive summary summarizes a report, proposal, or any kind…

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