21 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Prescription (#21 Will Make You Happy!)

Prescriptions are expensive. A study by Express Scripts has shown that in 2014 the average American spent $1370 on medications alone. And that number keeps rising every year! We all have so many things to worry about these days, being able to afford our medicine should not be one of them. If you’ve ever thought:… Continue… The post 21 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Prescription (21 Will Make You Happy!) appeared first on MoneyPantry.com.

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Apps Aren't Always Distracting. These 10 Apps Actually Help You Focus!

Our computers and smartphones are often considered the ultimate machines of distraction. They can be so full of entertainment possibilities that many of us can’t go a single hour without looking at our phones many many times. When some #apps seem built to test our self control, placing themselves in our minds, almost like addictions. #These 10 apps don’t demand our attention, but instead aim to improve it. With them improving your productivity and reducing stress [1] in your day-to-day life will be easier. Headspace 2.0 Headspace is a very popular meditation…

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What Makes Our Listening Ineffetcive and to Improve It

Engaging in selective #listening may be the easiest way to pick a fight with your significant other. I know I’m guilty of it. I listen to what he says and assume I understand what he means, and not always in a positive way. This misunderstanding typically stems from the fact that I am not actually listening at all. I am hearing what I want to hear and tuning out everything in between. This causes me to have my own version of the entire conversation, and it usually isn’t very accurate….

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