5 Best Bookkeeping Software For Online Casinos

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casino is an ever expanding business. This kind of gaming is very addictive and if you are running an online casino, then your clientele will increase in every hour of the day. More and more people are entering this business as startups every year.

But like every business, thorough planning and understanding of the business are very important. I would advise you to get organize and plan ahead right from the beginning.

Luckily online is easily available to help you with your books keeping. There is other software as well which help you not only manage clients but also your in-house business process.

Apart from this, there are pay per head bookmaking services also which can help good bookmakers to actually measure the performance of each player and reduce the cost.

Why should I use software from the start of my business?

It is easy to get organize when you have little client load to look after. In the beginning, you might think there is no need to pay for software when you can easily do the and client registration yourself. But as your load increases and you are not organized, and then you can lose business and clients.

But as your load increases and you are not organized, and then you can lose business and clients.

If you get a system after you have loads of clients to look after, then you will have the added burden of inserting previous data into that software. So the most feasible solution for any new business startup is to think ahead and get one of the available software.

The thing is that many software offers pay per head solutions which let you only pay for the records that you currently have and as your clientele increases you can increase the storage used by the software.

Software is also good to identify the casino bonus and other perks which are otherwise either not declared to the players or remain confined to few top players only.

Top 5 bookkeeping software for online casinos:

There are lots of online gaming bookkeeping software available but the ones that made to our best 5 lists are as follows:

1. 24-7 bookie

This bookkeeping software is pay per head with very good customer support. Their software is mobile ready meaning can be used on mobile phones as well. They claim to be the only service that allows live wagering throughout live gaming.

They let you access layoffs and scalping as well.  This can be used as a sports book, as a race book, and for as well.

2. 247 PPH

This is another excellent pay per head service that gives you extensive detailed features for client management and bookkeeping. It gives different access tiers for agent exposures, client management, transaction management and weekly balances and player totals. It also has the open bets and betting ticker.

This casino software is also mobile ready. This software can be used as a sports book, race book and for casinos.

3. 7 PPH

This is very secure software which also caters live games and is ideal for horse betting and casino management. They claim to offer multiple flexible platforms and live dealers in high definition quality.

They also provide multiple payment options and your players can bet through mobile phones.

4. 9 Dollar per Head

This is another very popular pay per head online betting software. It does lack some features that the above-mentioned software. But if your requirement fits what this offers that it is a very feasible option for you.

It offers online wagering and custom skin website. It has the ability to provide daily, weekly and monthly balance reports. It has the graded wagers and opens wagers reports as well. It comes with mobile betting and casino software.

5. Bet Eagle

This is software very similar to the 9 dollars per head. They have almost identical features. This also has online wagers and mobile device betting. You can have the wager and financial reports daily, weekly and monthly.

Your players can enjoy live wagering as well and it comes with casino software as well.

All of this software is very helpful in managing a good, sharp and organized online casino. They help you run your online casino business easily and with full command over it.

When in-house managing work is taken care of, you can always think of innovative ways to make your casino have unique and latest games!

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