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Why Anyone Can MAKE MONEY ONLINE With SHOPIFY Drop Shipping | Samir Chibane

P2P Drop Shipping Accelerator: Join The #ChibangGang by subscribing► | *Let's connect every where else! * INSTAGRAM ► SNAPCHAT ► MY FACEBOOK ► ___ If you're looking to make more money or looking to start a business then this video is for you. The truth is the best opportunity of 2018 is to start an online business without a doubt. Now athough this video doesn't teach you how to start an online business or #work from home it will teach you the importance of starting an online business for sure. Most entrepreneurs who are looking to…

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Why Making More Friends Only Makes You Even More Lonely

Chronic loneliness is a modern-day epidemic, and a sad one at that. We live in such a busy time, and it’s all too common to sacrifice relationships for #more work, more money, more stuff. But as a species, humans don’t do well by themselves. We survive best in groups where we can look to others for support and empathy. Despite the instinctual need for others, the percentage of Americans who say they frequently feel alone is at an all time high. In the 1970s and 1980s, the percentage was around…

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