Alert: If You Always Avoid Things You Fear, You May Have This Issue

Most of us can relate to wanting to #avoid #things that make us uncomfortable – situations, people, and even work. Sometimes, we deliberately find ways to get out of confronting whatever makes us feel ill at ease. But Avoidant Personality Disorder is much more than just this. Unlike other Cluster C personality disorders that may sound more familiar, Avoidant Personality Disorder is not as well known. The National Institute of Mental Health [1] estimates that around 5% of adults in the USA #have it. It is characterized by patterns of social…

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43 Online Shopping Tips to Save Money & Score Unbelievable Discounts

How much do you spend #shopping #online very year? If you’re one of the many millions of Americans who spend an average around $1800 on online shopping, you could #save that much, or more, using the #tips and tricks you&8217;re going to learn today. We all enjoy the convenient of online shopping. But, while online… Continue… The post 43 Online Shopping Tips to Save Money &038; Score Unbelievable Discounts appeared first on

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How I Build A Routine And Cut All The Unnecessary Decisions (And Why You Should Try Too)

From the moment we get out of bed, we are constantly making decisions throughout the day. Try to recall how you started the day in the morning: did you have trouble deciding which outfit to pick? What to eat? How many sugar cubes to put into your coffee? Small decisions like these can suck mental energy out of us. They are simply unnecessary, which is why we shouldn’t waste time on them. We all have limited willpower and every decision we make is using up our willpower. When we have too many…

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