To Make Space for Creativity, Stop Looking for Great Ideas

You’ve probably used a handy invention called “coffee sleeves” if you’ve ever visited a coffee shop.  These insulators make it bearable to hold that super-hot cup of coffee.  Jay Sorensen is the inventor of the coffee sleeve.  He came up with this idea when he was driving his daughter to school when he spilled a cup of coffee in his lap, because the coffee was too hot to hold. It’s common wisdom that innovative #ideas must be original, new, and a flash of #creativity out of the blue. But this belief…

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Obession with Sugar Can Get Us Killed, Here's How I Curbed My Sweet Tooth

When we feel stressed or sad, the first thing that pops up in our minds is the tempting sugary food. The pleasure brought by it is just soooo incomparable. From child to adult and to elderly, very few of us really hate the taste of sweetness. We’re born to like #sugar. But we also know how bad it can be when we consume much sugar. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and many more serious health issues are the possible results of consuming too much sugar. All of these increase our risk…

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Feeling Bored at Work? The Causes You May Not Know and How to Cure The Boredom

It’s Monday again. The annoying alarm breaks the piece of silence you are enjoying. You keep pressing snooze and don’t want to leave your bed. As the hour hand points to 8, every muscle in your body feels sore. You arrive your office and turn on the computer at your seat. Everything seems so normal, except your mind wanders… If this sounds familiar to you, chances are you feel #bored at #work, and you are probably here to look for ways to get rid of this dreadful situation. Before I…

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