Why Pursuing Happiness Will Make You End up Being Unhappy

Ah, #Happiness. It’s a feeling we have all felt (hopefully), but it’s certainly not a permanent state of mind. Here’s the thing, we only know how to try to focus on something happy because we’ve experienced sadness. And vice versa. It’s like your favorite food. Let’s assume you love cookie dough ice cream and whenever you eat it you’re happy. But if you constantly have a freezer stocked with that ice cream, someone gifting you with another one wouldn’t necessarily make you happier. Contrarily, if your freezer stopped running and…

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How The School Makes Us Unlearn Creativity And What We Can Do About It

When adults are given a box, they just see a box. When children are given a box, they can imagine a lot more different things… Maybe it’s the home for a puppy? Maybe we can make a toy car out of it?… Somehow, schools make us “unlearn” creativity. As a child, we used to be creative; but once we entered school, we learned to be discipline and to be careful not to make any mistakes. Sir Ken Robinson said in his famous TED Talk Do schools kill creativity,[1] What we do know…

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