10 Amazing Benefits Of Chia Seeds and How To Eat Them

#Chia #seeds are a tiny superfood that pack a big punch. These small, mildly-flavored seeds are packed with antioxidants, support a healthy digestive system, and lower cholesterol. They can even help you shed pounds! Chia seeds have been part of pop culture since the 1980s My first interaction with chia seeds was actually through Chia Pets, terra cotta figurines that sprouted the seeds to give the effect of hair or fur. The seeds come from the Salvia hispanica plant, a member of the mint family.[1] The plant is native to…

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Science Says Piano Players' Brains Are Very Different From Everybody Else's

The #piano is a beautiful instrument. Its players often come across as mysterious; these people who have spent hundreds of hours practicing scales and repeating phrases over and over again to reach sheer aural perfection. To an audience member it can have a similar effect to watching a magic trick or a ballet: it is so skilled and beautiful it almost seems impossible, a feat of the Gods. But what is going on underneath all of this hard work and magic? It certainly isn’t luck that such an effect can…

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