Witch Hazel is Not Just A Normal Herb! See Why Everyone Should Have it At Home!

#Witch #hazel – it sounds like a hocus pocus ingredient that’s used in spells and magic potions. But if you #have ever suffered from acne, stretch marks, hemorrhoids, or varicose veins, or if your baby has ever been plagued by a dreaded diaper rash, then you’ll be glad to know that witch hazel isn’t a mythical ingredient, and that it has the power to cure these and other common ailments. But what exactly is witch hazel? In its most common form, witch hazel is a clear, inexpensive liquid that doesn’t…

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How I Get Interview Opportunities Every Time with One Impressive Letter

Let’s admit it, applying for jobs is a #time-consuming, and sometimes soul-destroying process. With technology that simplifies the task at hand, we can become a little lazy at the job application game. This definitely does not do us any favours. Pro Tips from Professionals For A Kick-Ass Cover Letter Many recruiters still require a covering #letter to accompany a CV/resume, and this is your only chance to stand out from the sometimes hundreds of other hopeful, job-hungry applicants. I have interviewed top recruiters and business people who have supplied the…

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How to Be Your Own Boss with Little (or No) Money

It is easy to get sick of the grind: the dismal 9-5 system. Maybe you spend too much time for too #little #money. This is so ingrained in our minds that any alternative way of #making money or becoming our own bosses seems to be a Herculean task. However, this difficulty is illusory. The secret to being your own #boss and making decent money relatively easily away from traditional work may just lie in network marketing. What’s Network Marketing? Network marketing is a popular method of business and an alternative…

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