His Dad Never Spoke His Mind. He Broke Down Once He Knew Why.

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Have you noticed that there are times when your dad would say he’s not hungry even though his stomach is rumbling? Have you noticed that your mom seems to always have time for you even though there is a mountain of work on her desk?

Parents are superheroes when it comes to their children, and this video explores the sacrifices a single father made for his child in order for him to have a carefree childhood and life.

Being a single parent is immensely difficult.

When his wife passed away early on, leaving the father with his child, he took up the mantle of both parents. His son gradually noticed that he “ said what he meant”. He was never “tired” nor “hungry”. He was “never disappointed with his son”.

But stumbling into his father lying about his own disease, his son realized he did say what he meant – because he simply wanted the best for his son.

We seldom notice the little things people do for us. However, small steps go a long way. Parents might not tell us “I love you” to our faces, but what they do and sacrifice for us are the greatest indicators for their love.

Let us take this moment to cherish the care and love our parents have extended to us.

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