How Quitting Would Actually Help You Make Progress

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“Winners never quit, quitters never win.” Growing up, we are taught to be persistent; society tells us the path to success is to persevere, quitting is never an option. In reality, quitting happens more often than we think. Sometimes, it could even be a beneficial move. Before diving into the positives, let’s define what quitting really means.

Quitting simply means leaving or getting rid of something. Unfortunately, our norms greatly contribute to the negative connotation of this word. Believe it or not, quitting actually helps a person to make progress and positive changes in life.

We all have been there, we hated something so much and could not take it anymore. Would you quit to make yourself happier or carry on because you thought this is the best path to success? If you don’t love what you are doing, or you have already lost your passion, quit it. There are a lot of hidden gems out there, invest your time and interest in something else, maybe you will find a stepping stone to lead you somewhere else.

Sometimes, by quitting, we seize the moment.

Opportunities come and go. When we see something that interests us, telling ourselves to go for it is rarely the first response. We tend to look at the constraints and convince ourselves not to quit what we are currently doing. But why not take a leap of faith and allow yourself to make a breakthrough in life?

By quitting, we make changes.

Quitting is not only about leaving a place because of getting out of interest, it is also about getting rid of things that are hindering our lives. For example, everyone has bad habits and everyone has their own limits, it is necessary to quit the things that are not good for our future self. With all the desperation and desire, if we do not take actions to quit, we are not making any progress.

By quitting, we open up more opportunities.

Everyday, we are presented by an infinite amount of opportunities. Opportunities to quit what we are pursuing, opportunities to quit our bad habits, opportunities to quit things that do not make us happy…Not denying that persevering is not a viable option, but sometimes, knowing when to quit could open up all whole new world of chances.

We might be afraid to quit, fearing the regret of missing out on the possible success. But if you want to make progress, take the first step and quit something that obstructs you from moving forward.

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