How To Publish Your Work Online

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In this age of the internet and social media, you can hardly find someone who doesn’t own a social media account or a blog or website. The internet is by far the best way to display your for free or for a very small investment.

If you are a photographer, writer, painter or musician, and you do not have enough funds to get your work published or distributed through the traditional channels, then publishing is a very effective way to let the world see what you have got!

Journalists or people who want to be journalists can also set up a YouTube channel or a blog. These are not just good ways to get recognition for your work, they can also earn you a decent amount of money.

What should I do to get my work online?

Well, it is not actually that hard. Of course, you should be able to operate a computer and should have basic knowledge about the internet. Once you have the basic skills, first, decide whether you want to have a blog or a website with your own domain name.

You can set up a blog for free on many platforms, but if you want to have a proper website where you can post images, videos and blog posts then you need to follow these steps:

  • First of all, decide upon what kind of website you want, its name, and the space you require. Consult some web hosting companies and do your research thoroughly, because you will be stuck with whichever hosting package you decide to purchase for at least one year.
  • After selecting your hosting company, you need to purchase a domain name. You will also need to check online to make sure no one else is using that domain name. There are a lot of websites where you can just enter the name you want with the extension of .com or .net and quickly find out whether anyone else has that domain or not. Note that you cannot have a domain name which is already registered to someone else.
  • After purchasing hosting and registering a domain name, you need to choose a theme template for your website. You can either purchase it or you can download free themes, such as WordPress free themes. The free ones are obviously generic and less personalized. However, to get a personalized and unique template for your website, you need to pay a price.
  • After getting the template, upload it to your domain, and start editing it as per your requirements according to the instructions that come with it. You will need to add your banners, images, logo and content. You can do this yourself or hire someone to help you out.

When you are done with the website and it is fully functional, all you need to do is market it, or in simpler terms, make it famous.

How can I make my website or blog famous?

Well, it is not that difficult nowadays, since there are so many social media platforms you can use. You can make a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram account, etc., and keep sharing the link to your website or blog among your friends and even publicly. You can even sponsor your website on these platforms.

You can even consult the many social media marketing experts available about how you can get footfall or traffic to your blog or site.

In recent times, we have seen many people get famous using this medium. They have been able to raise or to support their talents, art, education, or startup businesses using these methods. You can now get your work recognized in an easier and cheaper way than ever before, and that too from the comfort of your own home.

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