Nothing Can Stop You From Chasing Your Goal! If You Think You Can't, Watch This Video!

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What would you do to achieve your ? Would you do anything? Would you do everything? Or would you do ?

Picture this, an old man, once a runner is his youth, is living out his life in a retirement home run by a terribly disciplinarian staff. His dream, his goal, is to run again out in the open – the grass under his feet, the wind on his body and the sky his limit. And yet as he tries day after day, dressed in his customary white vest, red shorts and somewhat scuffed Adidas shoes – he is stopped and physically hauled back by the staff and the doctor.

His dreams are being curtailed, his independence is being stifled. One day, the doctor simply takes his shoes away. That day, the man sits on his bed, looking his lowest, his spirit almost broken.

The door opens, and his friends and dorm mates sneak in, carrying his vest, shorts and shoes. The sparkle in his eyes is back. The entire retirement home residents are out to greet him with waving handkerchiefs and cheers, blocking the staff stopping him. Finally that old man, with a young heart and spirit, achieves his goal. He runs through the corridor and through that door. He runs out in the open.

He runs with wings on his feet, arms raised to cheer the sky.

So what’s the message behind this inspiring ? Break free. Achieve your goal. Do all that you need to do to get where you want to be, and things will fall into place for you.

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