If You Think Music Is Just an Entertainment, You're Living in a Nutshell

We have all been in this situation. You’re in some bar or club, the #music is loud, you’re not in the mood to dance. But while the track plays, you notice your fingers tapping, or your head nodding, or your knees bending to the music. To wallflower guy like me, it can cause all kinds of awkwardness. But why is this? Why can something inherently artificial like music, especially electronic music, cause an almost unconscious physical reaction in people? And also why dance? What benefits does it have? These are…

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6 Streaming Devices You Can Choose For Better Entertainment

The days of cable televisions are over. Well not really over but almost over. More people have control over what they want to watch and when they want to watch it. This used to be a problem with cable TV service – you have to wait and adjust your schedule based on what the TV channels had to offer. Right now there are several streaming devices out there in the market. Typically it allows us to watch our favorite shows from a single device. The only requirement is having a…

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