We Often See Quite a Lot of Interesting Research Findings, but How Many of Them Are Trustworthy?

Experimenter bias plagues #research publications every year. Experimenters, their studies, and their results are far from perfect. We have all heard of the academic misconduct, intentional manipulation, and researchers who blatantly lie in their research. However, it is safe to assume that most researchers have good intentions when performing experiments and writing publications. Despite good intentions, it is important to understand that all researchers are subject to one major downfall: experimenter bias. Understanding Experimenter Bias [1] In its simplest form, bias is when our mind tends to favor something. We…

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Is an Extrovert Really Happier Than an Introvert? Let's Look at the Research Findings

Are you an #extrovert or an #introvert? You may know straight away or you may think that you’re a mixture of both – most people are. We live in a world that celebrates the extrovert – to be successful and happy in life you need to be outgoing, confident, talkative and sociable. But is this #really the case? With introverts being labelled as quiet, shy and sometimes unsociable it’s no wonder that people would automatically assume a typical introvert is unsuccessful or unhappy. However, maybe it’s time to question this…

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