If You Think Interviews Are Hard for You, Probably You Haven't Get Prepared for These 20 Questions

Job #interviews can be daunting at the best of times especially when we worry about what kinds of #questions will come up. That fear of something being asked that we haven’t #prepared for or which throws us off in our nervous state, is enough to make anyone dread an interview. But there are some standard questions that are always going to come up and if you prepare #these answers well, you will feel much more confident in yourself and will transcend throughout the interview process. Preparation Is the Best Way…

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If You Think Work Hard and Play Hard Is Not Practical, You Haven't Really Tried

How many people do you know who complain about #work stresses? They may even do a job that they do not enjoy, only to return home at the end of the day with little energy or motivation to do anything. They go to sleep and prepare for the same routine the following day. The concept of work #hard #play hard is the last thing on their minds.[1] Perhaps you may feel like this some days, too! A lot of people may not revel in the mundane tasks of their day-to-day life, which…

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