You Don't Need Vitamin Pills; You Just Need to Recognize These 10 Fiber-Rich Organic Foods

Is your food hanging around your body longer than you’d like? Do you get a stomach ache after eating even when you don’t completely stuff yourself? Surprise: it might not be your body’s fault. An even bigger surprise? You might be able to skip the doctor’s office and simply eat more #foods high in fiber. The Indications of a Healthy Digestive System You can’t see your food during the digestion phase, but your body gives you plenty of clues as to how well it’s processing the foods you eat. A…

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Five Ways to eat More Organic Food

According to Forbes, about 88 percent of Americans are willing to pay #more for #organic foods. People are drawn to organic #food for good reason, as studies show that it contains more nutrients than non-organic food. Still, eating more organic foods can be tricky. Following are #five #ways to help you. Too pricey? Rethink the list. A common reason that people have a hard time adopting more organic choices is because organic food is relatively pricey compared to non-organic food. A food activist got in trouble recently for suggesting that…

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