How to Become a Highly-Rated User on Quora

I’m a curious person by nature. I find myself constantly doing research on nearly every topic under the sun. If I’m chilling at a restaurant with friends and someone wonders about a current event or mentions a fact, I’m Googling it on my phone. (Yeah, I’m that guy.) A lot of my Google searches begin with “what is,” “why is,” and “how to”… And there’s a trend I’ve noticed when I Google a lot of these questions. A sizable percentage of the results I get are from #Quora. Here’s a…

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"If You Could Only Read One Book In Your Entire Life, What Would It Be?”, The Quora Experts Gave Us A List of Best Books.

“If you could only read one book in your entire life, what would it be?” Someone proposed this question on Quora recently. To answer this question, contributors from all across the world responded in details with the book they think is the best. They are content writers, published writers, bloggers, CEOs, students, and avid readers. They recommended a variety of books, from topics on self-motivation to interpersonal relationships, from classical to modern popular hits, from life stories to life philosophies. Who should use the list? It doesn’t matter if you…

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See What Over 1000 Quora Users Around The World Would Recommend If You Can Only Read Once In Your Life

When asked to pick only one book to recommend to someone, most people would agree that it is quite a difficult task. Firstly, because there are so many great pieces that it seems unfair to pick just one. Secondly, definition of a great book varies from person to person. Yet, when asked what would be the one they would recommend if someone could only read once in their life, most Quora users opted for books that greatly influenced their thinking and ideas about life. Go through the list and see…

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