How to Be More Sensitive for an Emotionally Insensitive Person

Everything seemed fine at first. You were just having a chat, but then she walked off abruptly and you didn’t know why. This common problem is often ignored because it’s not very obvious. People’s lips are moving and words are being said, but something is missing. A lot of the social cues involved in communication are non verbal, so if these cues are not noticed, it can leave the other party feeling like they’re not being heard. Yes, you heard the words, but you didn’t see what they were saying….

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A Small Habit Change That Can Largely Soothe Your Sensitive Teeth

You happily grab an ice-cream, but the moment your teeth comes into contact with it, it feels numb or even painful. All the great mood is gone. You may have already heard that using toothpaste that’s for sensitive tooth can help as it’s very often advertised. Yes, it works. But there’s a rarely mentioned trick, that costs no money, while can soothe your sensitive teeth instantly. That is, just use your non-dominant hand instead of dominant hand when brushing your teeth. This is because one major causes of sensitive tooth…

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The Biggest Fight of the Highly Sensitive Person (Part 2/3)

A three-#part series on how to thrive a #highly #sensitive #person. This is Part 2. — Imagine you and your friend go to the gym for a week. She does light walking on the treadmill 2 times this week for 30 minutes each time. You run 90 minutes for 5 days. Whose muscles have worked more? Whose muscles need more rest to get ready for next week’s training? You or your friend? It’s the same situation between HSP and non-HSP. In Part 1, we came to understand that HSPs come with…

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