The Top Five Valentine’s Day Destinations for Digital Nomads

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valentine's destinations digital nomads

Life for a nomad is pretty enviable. As a mobile entrepreneur, all you need to conduct business is a fully charged laptop and a reliable WiFi connection. Whether you’re doing a conference call from a shared workspace in Bali or answering emails in the Alps, it’s a flexible lifestyle that many can only dream of. But even bright young business people need to squeeze those important dates into their hectic careers.

Take Valentine’s Day for example. There’s nothing better than jetting off to a romantic destination with your loved one to show them just how much you care. But for a digital nomad the work never stops, so to help you out, here is a list of the best places to treat your partner to a romantic getaway and still keep up to date with all those pesky emails.

Prague, Czech Republic

Yes, the beer is incredibly cheap and world famous for its premium quality – there’s even a museum in the city dedicated to it – but Prague, one of Europe’s most beautiful city’s, offers so much more than that. Explore the city’s Gothic architecture and sweeping boulevards before finding a quiet, candlelit restaurant to get cozy in.

Soak up the city’s unique, Eastern European culture in Prague Castle and wander around the Old Town Square. If there’s work to be done, Prague has a huge number of cafés with excellent WiFi that would suit the job perfectly.

Try Relax Café Bar, Ouky Douky Coffee, which also serves a great breakfast, and Funky Café.  All three are fabulous places to catch up on work whilst on the go.

Charleston, USA

The beautiful port city of Charleston is South Carolina’s most romantic destination. You’ll love exploring this warm, seaside city with its cobbled streets and pastel colored houses. Discover Civil War history at Fort Sumter and treat your partner to a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

Immerse yourself in the culture of the South on Valentine’s Day. Of course, being in the US, most cafés offer free WiFi, but for something a little more work-orientated, workspace company Liquid Space offers over 70 places in the city that you can use as a temporary office and pay for by the hour.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Sophisticated, smart, and effortlessly cool, Denmark’s capital is a mecca for design lovers. But during winter, the city is perfect for lovers too. Following the social Danish philosophy of hygge (making ordinary things feel extraordinary), expect candles everywhere, warm, cozy fireplaces, sheepskin – or reindeer skin – rugs, and lots of spiced mulled wine.

You can’t visit the city without sampling some of its famous cuisines. Beyond Noma, Copenhagen is full of restaurants serving creative dishes in the New Nordic style.

If you have to tear yourself away from all that relaxing to blast through a few emails, the city has lots of convenient places to do so. Regus can arrange office space to rent by the day. You tell them what you need and when, and they’ll give you a quote. While Cafe Plenum, open until 2 am, and Tjili Pop are great café alternatives.

Palermo, Sicily

Palermo, the Sicilian capital, is a stunning city to spend Valentine’s Day in. Overlooked by towering mountains, the city oozes charm. Discover the 12th-century Palermo Cathedral before making your way through the winding, narrow streets of the old town.

Head to the Ballarò street market at the center of the city and make a bee-line to the seafront to sample some of the best seafood in all of Italy.

It’s impossible not to be inspired and romanced by this hot, steamy city on the fringes of the Mediterranean.

When work beacons, head to the beautiful Cioccolateria Lorenzo, one of the finest cafés in Sicily. As well as serving great Italian coffee, the WiFi is complimentary. Mediterraneo Café is another good option.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Described by some as the eighth wonder of the world, when you arrive in Halong Bay, it’s not hard to see why. One for the digital out there who can’t bear to leave the tropics, Halong Bay is a great alternative to the beachside rum bar that many workers on the road might usually opt for.

Romantic in every way, spend Valentine’s Day on a tour of the amazing limestone cliffs that pepper the coastline. There are thousands of these incredible monuments, topped with rainforests, and it is a magical experience being amongst them. Back on dry land, treat your partner to a slap up Vietnamese meal. There are tons of restaurants in the area to choose from.

Work related, digital nomads are well catered for thanks to the number of internet cafes that have sprung up alongside the area’s popularity with backpackers. Otherwise, most guesthouses and hotels offer WiFi as standard. For a decent connection, head to Cube Café. Yolo Beer Club on nearby Tuan Chau Island is a perfect place to combine work and relaxation time.

Final Tips

Compile a list that contains your top 5 demands as a remote professional, tourist, and couple. Follow this example:

As a digital nomad, I need: a) good WiFi; b) comfortable bedding; c) good coffee; d) networking opportunities; e) co-working friendly cafés or spaces.

As a tourist, I want: a) local attractions; b) history, art, and culture; c) traditional beverages and food; d) good nightlife; e) ease of access to city center.

As a couple, we want: a) romantic dinner; b) spacious accommodation with a view; c) couple activities; d) relaxation, spa, and massage; e) entertainment, nightlife, events.

What destination will you choose for this upcoming February 14th that satisfies most of your needs and demands?

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