Woman Criticized Her Body In The Mirror, What Happened Next Really Struck Her

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How many of us have stood in front of a only see our so-called faults or perceived ugliness and found ourselves to be hopelessly lacking in so many ways? Felt not beautiful? How many times have we felt that our nose too big, eyes too small, or the lips were just hopelessly thin? Chances are, all of us–at some or the other time in our lives.

The thing being, that one time, is one time too many.

So here’s a video made by Rachel who stands in front of the mirror deriding her face. She starts with talking her uncool dark circles, goes on to mock her literally too thin lips and carries on about her too big a nose and eyebrows that are just too bushy. And then suddenly, in the mirror, is a little girl–the past version of Rachel–wearing the same smeared makeup that present day Rachel smeared over her face in disgust.

The little girl tells Rachel to go on ahead and let her know what other parts of her are ugly. Her hairy arms, that scar near her eye, her ugly hair, those big ugly feet…

The introspective video makes the present day Rachel realize what she had been doing to herself and the video ends with a straightforward message–if you wouldn’t say it to yourself when you were little, why say it to yourself now? She tells he little girl that she is beautiful.

The message is clear–you are beautiful, perfections or imperfections that you see in the mirror notwithstanding! Every one one of us, every last one of us, is beautiful, and none of us should ever forget that.

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