You Are 80% Water so Make Sure What You Fill Your Body is Clean And Safe

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We all know that the we drink goes a long way in determining the state of our health. There are many water filters everywhere but what about the container you drink from? The use of famous plastic bottles is not as healthy as you think!

How is Your Plastic bottle?

Everybody drinks water from plastic bottles; we simply assume it is . Studies reveal that plastic bottles are not so healthy, in fact, it is very dangerous to the . Plastic bottles contain chemicals that are very harmful. Even if the water you are drinking has been filtered, storing and drinking it from a plastic bottle does not make much difference because of the toxicity of the container. The use and reuse of plastic bottle have been linked to obesity, thyroid health, and even cancer. Although experts have shown that some plastics are not harmful to the health, it is better to use a different container.

This self-cleaning bottle is the sure way to drink pure water

This is a water bottle developed by Quartz can purifies water instantly with the use of 280 nanometers UV-C LED light that picks and neutralizes 99.99% of impurities. The bottle does not have mercury so you can go ahead and drink water from the river if you like.

It doesn’t only benefits you, it benefits the universe as well

The mode of operation of this bottle does not only purify the water, but it also cleans the bottle, so you don’t have to bother about its hygienic state.

Save money, save the earth and save yourself

Most of us have to go out and buy bottled water from time to time because of the lack of trust we have for our local water supply. The self-cleaning bottle has come to change that, instead of spending so much money on water bottles (which are not even safe), you can make use of the self-cleaning bottle and drink the water from your house, saving you a lot of money.

Using a self-cleaning bottle for drinking water will save you the extra waste constituted by empty plastic bottles.

Get yourself a safe bottle to use at kick-starter now!

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